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 30-Day accelerator work book . by Barbara Pellegrino. Available NOW!

To accompany your Treasure Map/Vision Board. This e-book will guide you in daily practices to Develop Your Mind to Maximize the Law of Attraction now.  It's practical and its a daily journaling and training, so many people now, are just thinking and feeling and visualizing BUT are they really doing the work, or just thinking they are?
Your Reality will be the proof. . .

$59.95  Just $2.00 a day to get you, your dreams now.

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30 Day Accelerator - Testimonials

“The great thing about your 30 day accelerator program is that it gives you a structured framework for thinking.  Having a separate page for each day provides a scratch pad to
crystallize your thought process and keep you focused on the big picture.”

Patrick, Project Manager, Melbourne, Australia.

“Dear Barbara,The thirty day accelerator course has helped me so much.  It got me in the habit of focusing on my goals from many different angles and perspectives.  Since completing the course, all of my dreams and goals have been coming to me so quickly I'm having trouble keeping up with my own life! I'm living a life of abundance and enjoying everything I've ever wished for. Thanks for all of your wonderful help and guidance.”

Mercedes, Mother/Model/Artist, Huntington Beach, California

"I love your workbook and was extremely DILIGENT in following all of the steps.  It is a great tool to get someone started, especially if that person is disciplined to follow it every day!  The workbook is a perfect compliment to your Treasure Mapping workshops.  This, along with your e-mails and newsletters have truly made a difference in my life and has been a great asset in realizing my dreams!! Thank you!"

Kim, Mother and CEO/Owner of Girls Luv It!, Honolulu

Available for you NOW!